About the Photographer


Professional Photography at it’s best! There are a Lot of people out there who don’t wake up on your average morning and think ‘Woo hoo! Another awesome day doing what I Love!.

For as Long as I can remember photography has been my passion, and 33 years Later I am still doing what I Love. I completed an Associate Diploma in Advanced Photography at the Queensland College of Art back in 1996, and went on to manage a Large Queensland based commercial advertising studio on the Gold Coast.

Scuba diving is another one of my passions and have in recent years taken up underwater photography as a outlet that compliments my lifestyle.  

Photography education and travel experiences are now my thing. I really enjoy parting with the wealth of knowledge that I have gained through my career. I like to see people grown and expand their horizonI’m a friendly guy (seriously, as anyone) so give me a call or send me your requirements.